Atlanta Kookaburras at NC Tigers


Tigers Too Tough For Kookaburras 

Bradley, Duncan boot 6 goals each in Tigers’ day out

The NC Tigers won their opening home game of the 2014 season is fine fashion on Saturday with a 104-point victory over the Atlanta Kookaburras at Hank Anderson Memorial Park in Carrboro. Tigers players, fans, and support staff showed up in droves for a fantastic afternoon of footy that saw the Tigers put on an impressive 4-quarter performance to even their season record at 1-1. After a slow start to game in which both sides were trying to get a feel for each other, the Tigers lifted their intensity and maintained it throughout the game, outscoring their opponent in every quarter. The Tigers won contests all over the ground with their impressive attack on the ball in what coach Wes Mac would describe as a total team effort. A number of players put their bodies on the line for their team, leaving both sides with a few injuries. Footy players are built tough though, and none of the injuries are expected to result in extended absences from the field.


1st Quarter
After a sluggish start by both sides and a number of missed opportunities for the Kookaburras, Paul Duncan finally got the ball rolling for the Tigers with his first goal of the day. This seemed to light a fire under the North Carolina side who picked up the intensity all over the ground. The Tigers strung together a number of center clearances in a row to provide their forwards with plenty of chances in front of goal. The strong forward line took full advantage kicking 6 straight goals before the first break, giving the Tigers a healthy lead and a lot of momentum going into quarter-time.


1/4 time:    G     B      T
Tigers        6      1      37
Kookas      0      5      5


2nd Quarter
The Tigers continued to build on their momentum from the first quarter and began to take control of through the middle of the ground. Jason Heathcote’s return to the side created matchup problems for the Kookaburras as they struggled to cover the variety of tall targets the Tigers were using as avenues to goal. First-gamer Chad Erling had the highlight of the quarter and probably the game when he made his first kick of the game count when he let rip on a huge torpedo punt from the edge of the center square and watched it sail through for a goal to the delight of his teammates. 2nd year Tiger Travis LaJoie known for his ferocious tackling and defensive abilities showed his development into a more complete player when he booted his first goal as a Tiger.


1/2 time:    G     B      T
Tigers        11    6      72
Kookas      1      7     13


3rd Quarter
Mijo “Boy Band” Cotic and Tom Shifflet continued their dominance in the ruck giving the rotating Tiger on-ballers first use of the footy. After a workman-like performance at full back, Dennis Kurtz got a spell up forward where his presence was immediately felt. After a lovely piece of ball movement from the Tigers, Dennis sent a nice looking drop-punt towards goal, only to have it stolen out of the air on the goal line by a Scott Bradley speccy. Paul Duncan decided to leave the goal square for the first time all day, adding to the pace and skill level of the Tiger midfield as North Carolina continued to increase their lead.


3/4 time:    G     B      T
Tigers        14    9      93
Kookas      2      9     21


4th Quarter

With the result of the game already beyond doubt, the Tigers’ players maintained their intensity and attack on the ball to pour on another 6 goals in the final term. Coach Wes took the opportunity to move players around the field and try out positions they may not be as familiar with. In honor of the world cup being right around the corner, Justin Plumley attempted his best Lionel Messi impression, soccering an attempt at goal as the ball rolled along the ground but could only manage a behind. Nelson Santos and Ben Wetzel both joined the goalkicking party, both booting their first of the game in the last quarter.


Full Time:

Team Goals Behinds Total
North Carolina Tigers 20 17 137
4 9 33

North Carolina goals: Duncan 6, Sc. Bradley 6, Heathcote 3, Camilleri, Erling, Kurtz, Santos, Wetzel.
The Tigers and Kookaburras joined forces for a social event after the game hosted by Tigers’ sponsor Woody’s @ City Market where a good time was had by all.

The Tigers now look ahead to next their next game on the road against the Philadelphia Hawks on June 28th. After an optional weekend of rest, official training will start back up on Saturday June 14th at 10am at Brier Creek Elementary school as the players all look to build on their positive home result and prepare to take their skills and red hot form on the road.

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